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Full-Stack Software Engineer - Remote Optional

Technology 信息技術

IT Auditor


GCSE/Scottish Standard Grades A-Level Postgraduate or above 碩士或以上 Undergraduate or above 學士或以上 Intermediate apprenticeship 學徒

PSW Apprenticeship 學徒 華語工作 Contract 合同制 Full-Time 全職 Internship 實習 Part-Time 兼職


Cornsay, County Durham, United Kingdom

Signup on Hired to find your dream job (remote work available) as a Full Stack Software Engineer at one of 10,000 companies looking for jobseekers just like you. Companies on Hired apply to you You'll receive salary and compensation details up front - before the interview . By crafting a profile on Hired, we're confident that you'll find a job you'll love We see Full-Stack Engineers continue to be one of the most exciting and in-demand developer jobs. These types of engineers combine the work traditionally done by Backend and Front-end Engineers to code a website or application on the server and the client-facing side. It is a role that fuses both creative and practical concerns, as these engineers are responsible for everything the website user encounters, including scrolling functions and graphics, as well as builds the logic, database interactions and server configuration on the application's Backend. In addition to programming the various features of server-side and user-side applications, Full-Stack Engineers are encouraged to upgrade and maintain both the back-end and front-end as needed. As new technologies emerge and platforms are expanded, the role of a Full-Stack Engineer will likely transform to suit these changes. We need Full-Stack Software Engineering jobseekers on Hired who are results-oriented, multifaceted and can work independently or in a team environment, to get the job done. Common Responsibilities The development and maintenance of client-side and server-side applications. Working with other web developers as well as marketing teams and engineers to ensure the right look and vital features are included in your work. Crafting tests that will be implemented to keep software functional. Full-Stack Engineer who can adapt and help stay on top of growing technologies and engineering trends. Skills & Experiences Our Employers Need: Demonstrated ability with Backend web development. Proven experience with Frontend web development. Proficiency with HTML and CSS. Code with languages like JavaScript, Core MVC, and ASP.NET . Experienced or accomplished in any of the following: SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java for Front-End and Backend programming, Go Language, Swift, Docker, Azure, AngularJS and Angular 2. Adept in building and accessing databases with NoSQL and Node.js. Knowledgeable with some of the following: HTTP protocols, developer tools, SSL certificates and web application architecture. Able to track changes made to code with Git version control systems. These Would Also Be Nice Strong communicator. Thriving as a member of a team or independently. Understanding the needed technology for web development. Wanting your work to appeal to clients. Results orientated. Are you ready to find your next opportunity with Hired?