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UK is a global finance and trade centre, it has some of the best legal and education systems. It attracts talents from all over the world. After Brexit in 2021, there will be more new opportunities for the newcomers to the UK. We are here to help you to identify those unprecedented openings.


Daniel DeWeyer

Lord Daniel DeWeyer - Founder and Chairman

Lord Daniel has lived and worked in Hong Kong for more than twenty years where he built both personal and emotional connections. During his tenure in Hong Kong, not only that he experienced its rapid development, he also felt for the needs of Hong Kong people. Daniel understands moving to a new place like the United Kingdom, settling down and finding the right employment is of paramount importance to these new Hong Kong migrants. With the passion of helping Hong Kongers in the UK to adapt their new life, he has leveraged his business relationships in the UK to set up Its aim is to connect Chinese speaking talents with UK employers so that they could bring their skills from Hong Kong and contribute to the future development of the UK economy. We have a great team of UK based professionals, working tirelessly behind the scene in bringing you jobs that fit your requirements.

戴偉仁勛爵 - 主席及創始人